Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not all heroes wear capes…

…some wear pots on their head! Isn’t she just the cutest?! It’s a blessing to work with someone with such a wonderful spirit. Her joy for teaching shines through in a big way! I’ve never left her presence without feeling better or happier than I was before seeing her. It’s obvious that she loves what she does and does what she loves!


Some heroes enjoy school celebrations! I always look forward to special days at school because I know this team will go all IN! You can guess what day it was when this pic was snapped! You got it…the 100th day!


Some heroes inspire with their friendship and genuine collaborative spirits. Brainstorming with these two is the best!


Some of the best teachers I’ve ever had the joy of working with and that inspire me the most are only 6 years old!


Not all heroes wear capes….some are willing to engage students with a funny hat. Some enjoy special days. Some share their genuine love for teaching or a simple smile as you pass them in the hall. I appreciate my personal teacher heroes. Each of them bravely give the best of themselves without hesitation.

Thank YOU for being one of my heroes too! As you’ve enjoyed the TPT sale today and yesterday, I hope you’ve taken a few minutes to reflect on the invisible cape you wear everyday or thanked a teacher hero in your life. Enjoy the new goodies you’ve picked up during the sale to continue inspiring our next generation of super heroes!  And if you’re a night owl like me…you’ve still got  a little time left to pick up a couple more goodies! =)


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bright Idea {Data Doors}

Hi, Friends! How are you? This time of the month always brings me joy because it’s time to collabo on great ideas for the classroom….ready for another ‘bright idea’?


My idea for this month is a little one that packs a LOT of punch!


Organizing data is an ongoing topic that can be incorporated into any subject area. Answering questions, taking surveys, documenting responses….all lends itself to being organized onto bar-type or picture graphs. Rather than going to the workroom to grab that giant sheet of butcher paper each time, just use your classroom door! (Hopefully, most of your students won’t all make the same choice as mine did on this one, lol!)


Create a basic set up that can be changed out quickly.


Holidays and monthly themes can be incorporated easily. By this time of year, students can also record information after analyzing the data.


…and you have a larger area to work with than you might generally have using butcher paper. When you’re ready to change it out, just take down the items you used to represent each student’s choice for that graph and replace it with a new title or question to create the next one! Sticky notes are a fantastic choice for creating bar graphs! Easy peasy and you have a large data display for students to see each time you enter and exit the classroom! Want your students to transfer the graph to paper? It’s big enough for everyone to see in order to do so! =)

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bright Idea {Sit, stand...what's YOUR plan?}

Welcome to the very 1st Bright Idea Hop of the new year! How are ya?


We returned to school from Christmas break just two short weeks ago. The first thing we did was review routines and procedures, so I thought I’d share a quick classroom management tip! Have kids that struggle to sit in their chairs? Ants in their pants? Just can’t sit still….need to move? Then this is the bright idea for YOU!


Ever get that question from any of your students? I do….all.the.time! My answer? YES!!! If standing is more comfortable for you, then by all means… yourself! Not every kid is comfortable sitting in a hard chair or even wants to sit at all, lol! Rather than fight kid energy, I try to incorporate it into learning as much as humanly possible. My kids have a great deal of choice in their learning and being able to decide how they can best work comfortably is one of them. Sit, stand, lay on your tummy….as long as you’re being productive and not infringing upon another friend’s space, you’re free to decide how you’ll position your body for independent learning.

Side note: Adults entering the classroom should be forewarned to watch their step, there will be kids hard at work…..EVERYWHERE! LOL! =)


Having more than one type of seating also offers options. We have several different types of seating in our classroom too! Our ‘Read to Self’ chairs are GREAT for students who need to bounce and move while learning! I’ll take them bouncing and learning anytime over interrupting the lesson because of behavior. When we need to spread out, I split the class between the tables and the floor. Students understand that working away from a traditional seat does not equal play time. It’s designed to provide comfort in order to do quality work.


…and if you were to walk into our classroom and actually find us working at tables, students also have the freedom to choose where they will sit, depending upon what we’re working on. The choice gives them the feeling of being in control of their learning. It also makes for a happy teacher, because they’re busily going about the business of becoming independent learners in the way they’re most comfortable. Win. Win!

Students need to stand? Let them! Need to wiggle? Consider novelty chairs that will allow them to do so. Love the cool of the floor? Enjoy! Choice leads to engagement. Comfort leads to focus….=)

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